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Affordable Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance Policies

No matter where you are in life, Barricks Insurance Services of Oceanside, California, has an insurance plan that will fit your health care requirements, as well as your budget. With the numerous providers in Jim Barricks' network, get the health, dental, travel, and vision insurance you need at a rate you can afford.

How Do I Choose the Health Insurance That's Right for Me?

Let Jim help you pour through comparative plans to consider which one offers the affordability and coverage that is right for you. Plans that provide greater coverage tend to have higher monthly premiums. Depending on how often you visit the doctor and other factors, you may desire a lower monthly premium or you may want to opt for a health insurance policy that offers more coverage.

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Dental & Vision

Barricks Insurance Services now offers dental and vision coverage for individuals and families. Most plans feature the free choice of a dentist for individuals and senior citizens. Moreover, enrollees receive comprehensive individual vision insurance benefits from Vision Service Plans (VSP) with no deductible, no waiting period, and your choice of eye care providers.

Contact Jim Barricks to find the health, dental, vision, and travel insurance plans that fit your needs and budget.